roof repair savannahIn order to protect your Savannah home and everything inside of it, a working roof is a requirement. Even the most durable roofs are prone to deterioration and become weakened in a shockingly short period of time. Everything could be perfect one moment, and then water could start gushing through your roof out of nowhere. You need to have your roof repaired right away if you want to prevent further damage. 

Roof Repair Savannah

Whether brought on by bad weather, an animal, or even a tree falling on your house, you need to respond fast to get your roof repaired. If any of the following scenarios apply to your roof, you need to call for roof repair immediately:

  1. Water Leaks: If you have water coming into your home from the ceiling, regardless of whether it is a substantial amount or just a small leak, you need to call for roof repair right away. Water leads to mold growth, so even the smallest leak could expound into serious damage when not dealt with right away.
  2. Openings In Your Roof: Your roof’s purpose is to shelter your home and everything in it from the outside elements. If there is a visible hole in your roof or any other opening that could allow water, dirt, debris, or unwanted animal visitors to get access inside your home, you should call for roof repair right away. 
  3. Missing Shingles: Shingles are placed on your roof in such a way as to not allow anything to get underneath them. When properly installed, they create a pretty good barrier. When even just one piece is missing, the integrity of your roof is greatly compromised – leaving vulnerable access points for water to get underneath shingles and find its way into your home. Missing shingles also lead to weak points on other shingles, which makes them more likely to loosen, lift, and come off as well. If you notice missing shingles, do not waste any time calling for roof repair services.
  4. After High Winds: Depending on the age and condition of your roof, it may not be able to withstand high wind speeds, and high winds can do a lot of damage to roofs, even those in the best condition. If your home has sustained winds over 50 mph following extreme weather, you should call for an inspection to make sure that there was no damage and no repairs are needed. 
  5. Fallen Tree Or Branches: If a nearby tree, or branches from a nearby tree, have fallen onto your roof, you need to call for roof repair. Even if there does not appear to be any damage, they can leave weak spots that become more susceptible to further damage. A trained professional will be able to evaluate your situation and then make any repairs necessary.
  6. Presence Of Animals Or Pests: If you notice any unwanted visitors frequenting your roof, or if your home has termite damage, there could also be substantial damage to your roof that you may not even be aware of. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so upon finding unwelcomed guests, you should call a roof repair company to inspect your roof. 

Our best advice to keep your roof in its best condition is to call for roof repair the moment you suspect there could be damage. Coastal Roofing provides roof repair here in Savannah and is ready to take your call the moment you need us.