roof repair savannahRoof repairs are a necessary part of home maintenance, and can help protect your Savannah home for years to come. While it seems like a major project, trusting your roof repair to a company like Coastal Roofing means that they will do all of the work, from removing the old shingles to cleaning up after the repair is complete where you can sit back and let them handle the job. Roof repairs can become a messy project for your yard. Old shingles, nails, and other debris that are being removed from your roof are going to end up around the yard, even though every effort possible is made to get it all in the dumpster. While it will all get cleaned up in the end, during the process it can get dirty pretty quickly. Also, foot traffic through your yard will increase as roofers will be walking to and from the project. 

Roof Repair In Savannah

There are some things you can do in your yard and around your home to make roof repairs go more smoothly and we are going to share those tips with you.

  1. Move vehicles that are parked in driveways or nearby the home to a safe distance away from any falling debris. Not only will this keep your vehicles safe from any potential damage but clearing the driveway will also give the workers more space to get equipment and tools in. They will need a place to set up a dumpster to collect all the old materials. Moving your vehicles out of the way gives them a better place to put the dumpster closer to where they are working and is more convenient for the job. 
  2. Put patio furniture and toys away so that roofing professionals have clear access all around your home. The workers will need to access your roof from different sides. You also do not want any falling debris to land on and ruin any outside furniture or kids’ toys. For things that cannot be moved, consider covering them with a tarp. 
  3. Protect plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, and anything else growing in the flower beds that you do not want to be damaged by falling shingles by covering them with netting or a tarp. You can even mark especially fragile or vulnerable plants with bright-colored tape so that the roofers know to be extra cautious around those ones. 
  4. Mowing your lawn before roof repairs begin will make clean-up go much quicker and smoother because it is much easier to find debris and nails in short grass as opposed to long grass.
  5. To make sure there are no problems with your neighbors, you will want to talk to them beforehand and let them know when your roof repair project will begin. You can even ask for permission for the roofers to go onto their lawn to pick up any stray debris that may find itself in their yard. 

By doing these simple things, you can help make your roof repair easier and more efficient while also contributing to a positive outcome. When you trust Coastal Roofing with your roof repair, you can rest assured that we will get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently with a thorough clean-up afterward. Call our team today!