roof repair hilton head island, roof repair services hilton head island, roofing restoration hilton head islandWhen your roof needs repairs or replacement, how will you choose a provider? When you drive down the street, can you tell which roofs were installed well? It’s difficult to judge the quality but, as a consumer, you can build an understanding of what to look for — and what to avoid. There a six main categories of poor workmanship. The most common roofing mistakes you should look out for are:

Cutting Corners

Not removing the old shingles is a labor saver but you’ll pay the price later. While legal, this is a sign of cutting corners. Removing the shingles is best for all new roofs, but is imperative when repairing a damaged roof. Keeping the old layer creates crevices for moisture and dirt to collect.

A drip edge is made of aluminum installed at the edge of the roof. Their job is to redirect any water away from the wall of your home and into the gutter. Not installing drip edges might save money in the short term, but without a drip edge, water may end up under your shingles. Although some older homes don’t have a drip edge installed, it is required in most modern building codes.  

Local building codes might require a building permit. Without securing one, the roof installation might be suspended, resulting in further fines and fees. Be sure to use a licensed, insured, and bonded roof specialist.

Nail Choice and Placement

When applying a new roof, nails and fasteners need to be placed in the exact spot on the shingle. If nails are put in wrong, they can cause structural issues. When nails are exposed to the elements rather than being placed underneath the top layer of shingles, they can rust or corrode. The installer must also choose the correct length of nails to go far enough into the decking to securely hold the shingle in place.

Installing the Shingles

Look at the alignment of the shingles on your street. You might be able to see if the joins aren’t on the same horizontal plane, gaps in between, or if the shingles are not straight. Not only is the aesthetic messy, it also can leave roof areas unprotected. Misaligned shingles create places for water to enter and cause damage. 

If your shingles are too far apart, your roof is not getting the protection it needs and there is potential for water damage. If they are too clustered together, the shingles are vulnerable to collecting rainwater. Lastly, shingles shouldn’t stop at your roof edge, they should just hang over the roof. The too little overhang allows water to seep into the fascia boards.


The thin aluminum strips that help prevent damage to your roof, vents, chimneys, and skylights are “flashing.” Installed along the edges and valleys of your roof, they are vital to channel rain quickly off the roof. Some inexperienced roofers don’t secure the flashing properly, leading to leaks. 

Other times, roofers reuse the drip edge flashing off the old roof. A worn drip edge looks ratty and allows water (and critters) into your attic. Insist on new material.

Other Roofing Mistakes to Watch For

Often, low-cost roofing companies install improper ventilation (or ignore it altogether.) Well-designed ventilation prevents the moisture buildup that could lead to your roof and shingles failing prematurely. Ignoring attic ventilation can shorten the lifespan of your new roofing. Without sufficient attic ventilation, excess heat build-up, damaging your roof. All new roofing systems should include a ridge vent, eave vents, and baffles to move air and protect your home.

  • Shingles aren’t symmetrically aligned
  • Shingle color variations
  • Underlayment is missing
  • Gutters aren’t sloped properly
  • Starter shingles not placed before beginning

Quality Roofing Company Repair In Hilton Head Island

Shingles come with warranties but the manufacturers require that their products be installed using set criteria. Poor installation can void your roof’s warranty. A quality installer will know the requirement and ensure that you are getting the longest roof lifespan.

For your family home, trust a partner to help care for your roof. In Hilton Head, the Coastal Roofing company has over 35 years of roof repair experience plus more. If leaks have caused other interior problems, Coastal Roofing and Restoration will make those repairs at the same time–one phone call for all your roof repairs.