roof repair savannahA roof acts as a barrier to keep us protected from the sun, rain, snow, and more. Without this integral structure on top of your home, the interior would deteriorate quickly. Additionally, roofs that are not in good condition will lead to other problems such as higher heating/cooling bills, leaks, mold, and devalued property. Fortunately, most roofs can last up to 50 years, maybe even longer depending on the material used. But, what should you do when unexpected disasters and normal wear-and-tear inflict damage on your roof? It may be impossible to tell whether you need to repair or replace the roof, especially without the proper knowledge about roofing. 

Roof Repair – Savannah

Repairing and replacing your roof are both huge investments in home renovation that need to be considered carefully. Deciding which process is best for your home can ensure that you get a roof in premium condition while also getting your money’s worth. There is no point in replacing your whole roof when only minor repairs need to be done while some repairs are so extensive that replacing it would be a better option. Here are a few pointers to help decide which is best for you. 


A roof is built to be durable and last a very long time, but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Every material used in roofing has a lifespan and must be followed to ensure that your roof is in proper working condition. The materials that were used on your roof will determine when replacement is necessary. Asphalt and wood have an expectancy of 20-50, while materials like clay, concrete, slate, and metal can last up to 100 years. Once these lifespans are up, deterioration will inevitably begin. There will be no hiding the signs of old age at that point. Though you can repeatedly make repairs that come with old age, replacing the entire roof may be a better investment over time. 


When considering whether your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, keep in mind the condition of the roof. It might have just experienced some breaking down in appearance or there may be deeper-rooted issues that roof repair cannot fix. For example, if large holes have been made in the roof from severe weather, repairs won’t be able to do much. 

Roof repair can be an option if minor sections of your roof have been damaged. Cracked or missing shingles, wear and tear around chimneys, and small leaks in the attic are just a few problems that will occur when roof repair is necessary. 

Area Affected

The area that the damage has affected can also help determine whether or not repair or replacement is necessary. If the damage is small or limited to a contained area, roof repair can be conducted. Larger damage in big areas is better left to be replaced overall. 

However, though it may seem to you that the damage is only minimal, a professional is able to evaluate otherwise. They could find underlying issues that roof repair cannot fix. Working with an experienced and professional roofing company like Coastal Roofing can give a thorough inspection and is the best decision. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals.