roofing company savannah, roofing maintenance savannah, roofing repairs savannahSavannah was lucky this time; we dodged a big one. Hurricane Ida walloped Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama before dumping on Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. While we love living near the coast, we have to be vigilant about protecting our homes from the next tropical storm. By buying and maintaining the proper roof for our environment, you have the best opportunity that your house can weather the next storm. What is the best one for you? The roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing have some tips for choosing.

Roof Repair In Savannah

The Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is generally considered the best option for hurricane resistance. Most metal varieties come with a warranty, offering defense against winds up to 140 mph (category 4 hurricanes range from 130 to 156 mph). Therefore, metal materials provide some of the highest protection available.

Panels are overlapped and attached to the structure of the building, reducing the ability of wind to catch onto the actual roof. That’s useful for protecting your home from hailstones and thunderstorms. It’s very fire resistant. Plus there’s another bonus – metal roofing can last much longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

You’ll need well-trained roof repair professionals such as Coastal Roofing to make sure your roof is properly installed to enjoy all of its benefits.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

New shingles made of asphalt can safeguard against winds as fast as 130 MPH. The wide variety of looks, low price, and simple installation make them the most popular roof. Plus,   they’re generally easy to patch and repair as needed- the least expensive option to repair. 

If asphalt shingles are being installed in a region with high wind or hurricane risk, FEMA recommends:

  • Using roofing nails, not staples
  • If the roof is within 3,000 feet of saltwater the nails should be stainless steel
  • Six nails per three-tab shingle
  • Warranty length is indicative of durability (30-years will stand up better to wind than 20-years)
  • Organic-reinforced shingles are more resistant to tearing

Clay Tiles Might Be An Option

Clay tiles can provide good wind resistance if they’re installed properly by roofers experienced with the product. However, the positive can also be a negative. Strong hurricane winds can potentially toss clay tiles around and damage other possessions. 

The materials are more expensive and the installation is more labor intensive, but the timeless style might be an option for you.

Balance Price, Installation Cost And Aesthetics

No matter what look you like, the least expensive option will be to repair the existing roof when that is an option. The roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing might be able to correct the damaged areas without replacing it. The age of the existing roof will be a huge factor, as well. If the roof is relatively new, the prorated amount of an existing warranty could be up to half the replacement cost. 

If you can afford to replace asphalt shingles and you like the look of the alternatives (and your roof’s structure can bear the weight), consider metal or clay tiles. Every brand has developed some type of wind-resistant solution to provide maximum protection in places like Georgia where hurricanes and high winds are a real risk. It often comes down to balancing price and appearance. Let the roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing team narrow down your choices. 

Contact The Experts

If the leak in your roof causes other interior problems, the roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing and Restoration will make those repairs along with fixing your roof. If you have damaged sheetrock, flooring, or wood rot, we will complete those repairs. Coastal Roofing and Restoration in Savannah is your trusted roof repair team.