roof repairs hilton head island, roofing company hilton head island, roof restoration hilton head islandTrying times make us grateful for the things we have, like the roof over our heads. But what if the roof on your Hilton Head home is not doing its job, or is in need of repair?  At Coastal Roofing, we take pride in putting high quality roofs over our client’s heads, and want to help you when your roof needs repair.

Roof Repair In Hilton Head Island

The first place to go when considering roof repair is actually not the roof – it’s the attic. You should check under the eaves and look for any beams of light coming in or stains and spots indicating leaks or water damage. If any of these visible signs are noticed, it is time to make some repairs to your roof. Once the attic has been checked, you move to the roof itself. Inspecting your roof for signs of damage is the best way to catch a problem before it becomes severe. You should look for gaps, cracks, buckling, or any other signs of damage. We recommend yearly professional roof inspections to catch potential damages before they become serious. Our roof repair technicians at Coastal Roofing know exactly what to look for when it comes to necessary repairs for your roof, so if you suspect damage and are unsure, give us a call. We offer annual roof inspections so we can find and fix any problem areas.

The next thing you need to do is look at your home records to see how long ago the roof was installed, or when the last repairs or maintenance was performed. The material your roof is made of will play a large role in how long your roof will last and how sustainable it will be. For example, most asphalt shingle roofs are made to last for 20-25 years. Roofs that have been installed over an existing layer will last 20 years. If you are outside that time frame, it is probably a good time to get your roof replaced, or at least repaired in any weak spots. The best damage repair is damage prevention, which may mean replacing your roof before any damage occurs. 

Roof repairs should only be handled by professionals. After all, the roof is the first line of defense for your home, and right now our homes need to be safe more than ever. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and have experience repairing roofs and properties in Hilton Head and surrounding areas. You can count on the roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing to be in constant communication with you during the entire process, from the initial quote to the final product. If your roof repair is a result of damage and is covered by insurance, we will work directly with your insurance company to ensure your claim is covered to the fullest extent possible. Not only will we provide a roof that will keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure from the elements, but will also look great on your home.