roof repair hilton head island, roof restoration hilton head island, roof repair services hilton head islandPerched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, gentle sea breezes caress Hilton Head Island and coax the inhabitants into a relaxing way of life. But even in this beautiful resort community, the summer sun can get the best of us. We know to wear a hat, reapply sunscreen and water the flowers. But also check your roof for any potential damages so that your roof can also beat the heat.

Roofing material is built to last up to 20 years withstanding external damage during the roof’s lifespan. But the summer climate in Hilton Head can expose your roof to 3 major threats: heat, humidity and summer storms. Don’t leave the island– prepare and protect your biggest investment from water damage from leaks.


As the days get longer in the summer, your roof will have more sun exposure that can weaken it. Thermal shock is a common issue for roofs in hot climates. Roofing systems will expand during longer, hotter days and contract in the cooler evenings. The constant change of your roof will physically strain and decrease the lifespan of your roof over time.  

Heat can cause your roof to expand and crack the asphalt shingles. The heat that’s baking your shingles may be the reason why the top floor is so hot. Heat can also blister the shingles and could damage the edges of the shingle.

Clay and concrete shingles are designed to resist high temperatures but over time, exposure to the sun will make these shingles brittle and begin to fade. Metal shingles do exceptionally well in high heat climates as they reflect UV rays. But if metal roofs are not installed correctly, oil canning can occur when metal panels are visibly wavy


When temperatures kick up during the summer and so does your HVAC use. Resulting humidity can damage roofs when the water vapor turns into condensation that can collect in your home’s attic. As humidity and water condensation weakens roofing materials, your roof can become more prone to water damage and leaks. 

Water vapors collect and get trapped under shingles and in your home’s attic. Mold spores then contribute to wood and plywood sheathing rotting and splitting on attic floor joists, roof rafters, and roof joists. In an already damaged roof, lead to wood rot and weaken plywood roof sheathing, causing the layers of the plywood to separate.

Summer Storms

Summer rains can be short and intense or full blown storms. While hurricanes rarely hit the island, if there are tropical storms near the area, Hilton Head will likely see serious precipitation totals.  And these summer storms can be harsh on your roof.

The added moisture that summer storms bring are potential threats to your roof.  Sometimes these storms bring strong winds that can tear shingles off of roofs.  Now the exposed wood will be more prone to warp, bend or rot when exposed to water. 

Roofs that are over a decade old should be inspected monthly to identify if there are any weakened spots that may be in danger during the summer.  As roofing materials become weaker, summer storms will have a higher chance of creating rot and leaks within the homes. 

Roof Repair Services In Hilton Head Island 

If a leak in your roof causes other interior problems, the roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing and Restoration will make those internal repairs along with fixing your roof: damaged sheetrock, flooring, baseboards. Coastal Roofing and Restoration is your one stop for all your roof repair needs– complete end to end service. Coastal Roofing has over 35 years of roof repair experience serving the Low Country.