roof repairs hilton head island, roofing company hilton head island, roof restoration hilton head islandOur roofs are what keep us safe from the temper tantrums Mother Nature throws. Without roofs, the insides of our homes and workplaces are exposed. This allows for all kinds of damage, especially water damage! Keeping our roofs maintained is of utmost importance to keeping our homes and workplaces safe. There are teams of roof repair professionals in the Hilton Head Island area ready to assist you with any of your roof repair needs, such as those at Coastal Roofing and Restoration.

Roof Repair In Hilton Head Island

What Kinds Of Roofing Can I Choose From?

  • Shingle roofs: Shingle roofs are the most common kind of roofing. They are the rough slabs of asphalt we see on most homes in the United States. They are a great option, and also friendly on the wallet. They do, however, tend to need patching and replacing until it’s time to redo the roof. Shingle roofs come in different types and colors. You can choose shingles that will last for 30 years, 50 years, etc. and the lifetime of the shingles chosen will affect the cost. 
  • Metal roofs: Metal roofs are the most durable form of roofing. Sheets of metal are meticulously cut and placed to cover the entire roof. They rarely fly off, and certainly do not need patching. Metal roofs are expensive roofing, but it may just be worth it. Less maintenance means more time enjoying life and less time worrying about the exterior and interior of your home or place of employment. 
  • Tile roofs: Tile roofs are durable, and trendy! These are the types of roofs one sees on coastal California homes and businesses. They add a touch of character, and are also good at preventing damage from the natural elements. 
  • Flat roofs: Flat roofs are another great option. Not all roofing companies and roof repair professionals are qualified to put down flat roofs, however many in the area like Coastal Roofing and Restoration are qualified. Flat roofs are extremely water resistant and durable. They offer welded seams, which ensures greater protection from the elements. 


Dangers Of Neglecting Roof Maintenance: 

Water damage is the biggest consequence of neglecting roof maintenance. As rain seeps through cracks and crevices in the roof, it enters the interior of the building and begins rotting structural beams, growing mold, dripping through drywall, and creating thousands of dollars in damage. It also affects the structural integrity of the building making it hazardous to anyone who steps foot inside. 

Other consequences include little visitors! Life forms of all types need shelter. When there is a neglected roof, those little guys move right on in. There might just be one morning you wake up to squirrels, mice, and rats sitting down with you at the breakfast table. Perhaps you choose to visit the attic one day and discover it has become a shelter for some very happy bats and birds.

It is always worth it to keep your roof maintained. Contact a roof repair professional in the Hilton Head Island area to assist with your roof repair and maintenance needs. Doing so will save you time and money in the long run.