roofing company savannahTaking care of your roof may not be at the top of your priority list. Problems are not typically spotted, as you aren’t typically on the roof. It may not be thought of until huge issues occur. Replacing a roof can be extremely expensive and inconvenient, so it’s conducting regular maintenance on your roof can ensure that it will have a great lifespan. 

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If you’re looking to extend the life expectancy of your roof, here are several maintenance tips to make your roof last longer.

Keep The Gutters Clean

The gutters are there to help manage water during a storm, steering it off the roof and away from a structure. If these gutters and downspouts are clogged, this preventative measure is stopped. They will need to be cleaned out often. Depending on the foliage in the surrounding area, it could need to be cleaned anywhere between every three months to twice a year. If they have not been cleaned in a while, do so before a storm hits. 

Roof decking rot caused by gutter backup is an easy thing to prevent with this simple roof maintenance tip. Get up on a ladder every now and again or call a professional gutter cleaning service to clear out any obstructions.

Besides checking if they are clear of debris, it is also essential to ensure that the downspouts are steered away from the foundation of the home. Though the gutters may take them away from the roof, the downspouts need to take the water away from the home. They need to be pointed away from the house and also cleared of debris so they can bring the water in the correct direction.

Trim Branches

Branches are large contributors to clogged gutters and damage to roofs. It’s important to pay close attention to those that are close to the roof, as they cause the most damage. Any dead or large branches can break off and fall, causing severe damage when landing, breaking shingles, cracking roof beams, or even falling through completely. Even if branches don’t break off trees, they can still cause damage if they are too close to the house. Branches that are moving in the wind can catch under shingles, tearing them away from the roof. 

Because branches can cause so many problems, it’s critical to trim them at least annually. Keep careful notice to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from the branch to the roof. Doing this will minimize the risk that branches pose to the house. 

Remove Debris

Wind can carry all sorts of debris onto a roof. Unfortunately, this means that debris can be carried down into the gutters and downspouts, causing a clog. Not only is a clog a risk if debris isn’t cleared, but leftover branches or foliage can retain moisture after a storm. This can lead to mold and rot that can seep into the roof. After storms, it’s important to check roofs for debris to ensure the least amount of damage possible. 

Though we can take all the preventative measures possible to ensure that our roof lasts a long time, sometimes accidents just happen. Some incidents are just inevitable. Because of that, there are roofing companies that can assist you with roof repair or replacement. Contact professionals at Coastal Roofing to assist you with your roofing needs.