roof repair savannahWe have talked about different causes of roof damage, types of problems that occur, and even popular roofing choices, but one thing we still need to touch on is just how long roof repair can take for your Savannah home. Anytime you have a home repair or remodel, you know that unexpected things can arise and end up making the process take longer than planned – well, the same goes for roof repairs and replacements. Let’s take a look at how long you should plan on your roof repair taking and why the time could vary.

Roof Repair In Savannah

Best case scenario, roof repairs for an average residence, considered 3,000 square feet or less, can be completed in a day. Yes, you head that right, typically one day is all you need for that size of a home. However, in some cases the process could be delayed up to 5 days depending on a few different factors. We are going to break some of those factors down so you can know more of what to expect for your roof repair.

  1. The first thing that can affect the time it takes to complete your roof repair is the weather. Roof repairs cannot be completed if it is raining, snowing, too windy, in freezing temperatures, or if it is too hot. Since we can’t control the weather, getting your roof repair done in a timely manner is dependent on what mother nature decides to throw at us. Attempting to install a roof in conditions that are less than ideal will result in improper installation, which will just lead to more problems. Inclement weather will add time to your roof repair, so be sure to plan accordingly.
  2. The accessibility of your roof also plays an important factor in the roof repair timeline. Roof accessibility is the ability for your contractor to access your roof, and every part of it. In order to tear off the old or damaged pieces, get those pieces to the dumpster, and then get the new material up to the roof for installation, there needs to be good roof access. Some factors that may impede roof accessibility are landscaping around your home, fences, lack of paved surfaces, other obstacles that make it longer for materials and workers to come to and from your roof. 
  3. The last thing that can make the roof repair process more drawn out is the complexity of your roof. The complexity of your roof is the number of facets, angels, hips, and valleys that cut up the roof line as well as the pitch. Not only will these factors affect the time it takes to repair your roof, but they will also affect the cost of the replacement. For example, a roof that has a high number of facets at different angles and with multiple hips and valleys is more difficult to work on and will take longer to replace. Also, roofs with a steep pitch can be more complex than a simple roof with only a few roof facets. 

Regardless of your roof type, shape or size, Coastal Roofing is here to make any and all necessary repairs in the most timely manner possible here in Savannah.