roofing company hilton head islandSometimes it’s obvious that you need a new roof. Maybe you can see significant damage; no amount of patching can fix a hole that a tree limb caused. Hail damage is pretty easy to identify as shiny areas or dents. However, most folks don’t know whether they need to replace, or only need to repair, their worn roof.

Trust Your Roofing Company In Hilton Head Island

Time’s Up!

Since roofing styles change little year to year, it’s hard to tell when yours is getting old. But the materials are only expected to last a certain amount of time. Most modern roofs are designed to last between 20 and 25 years. Metal roofs can last even longer.

But when time is up, you need to replace it. A temporary option works in a few cases. A new layer of shingles can be “overlayed” or installed directly over the existing roof.  It can give you a new look that is about 25% less expensive than a total roof replacement. but it’s usually better to tear the old roof off and start fresh. Replacing your roof lets you catch any problems and will maximize the new warranty that comes with it. Now you’ll be sure that your roof will be solid for decades to come.

For most cases, the roof will last about as long as the warranty does. So if your roof is aging, get Coastal Roofing over to your home for an inspection.

Storm Damage 

Hilton Head is famous for the tough conditions for our homes. Not only hurricanes, but even winter storms with high winds can lift shingles,  causing them to crack. Sometimes, the wind can completely remove shingles. This opens up the roof to leaks, and UV damage. 

When these damaging windstorms are followed by driving rain, moisture enters into the roofing system and leads to water damage. Debris carried by the wind can also blow into your roof and puncture the shingles.

Visible Leaks And Stains

Often, little leaks can be patched or repaired by a roofing contractor. Any obvious leak definitely needs attention; you need to know if you will need a full replacement. As roofing materials degrade and weaken, drops seep in through the shingles. This “intrusion” shows up as stains, bubbles, streaks, and discoloration on the ceiling or walls. You need a roofing contractor to get up on the roof to determine the source of the moisture. If a roof leak is present, they will determine the extent of the damage and the best solution. Again, in many cases, the damage over time will have degraded the materials and will require replacement. 

Curling, Missing, or Mossy Shingles 

When you can see inconsistent shapes and wear on the individual shingles, you need to replace them. If this damage is in more than one small area, it is strong evidence that the materials have broken down and are no longer protecting the home. Look for : 

  • Damage or discoloration around vents
  • Missing granules 
  • Moss or algae growth
  • Damage around chimneys or skylights

Check your gutters for shingle debris. Debris in the gutters can indicate that the shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan and beginning to disintegrate.

Saggy Center

Stand across the street and check the shape of your roofline. Does it dip, sag, or curve? It could indicate a framing issue caused by water saturation over time. The supports can become unstable and eventually collapse. 

Also check your valleys, where the roof’s different slopes meet. They need to direct water runoff into gutters (instead of inside your walls). If the water is pooling in the center, you’ll have trouble with water leaking into the center crease.

Do You Need A Roofing Company In Hilton Head Island?

If you take care of your roof, you can often stretch the lifespan of it. Prevent some of the above issues with routine maintenance like cleaning off the algae. However, at some point, even spot repairs don’t make financial sense.  

Coastal Roofing has over 35 years of roof repair experience serving Hilton Head. If a roof in poor condition leads to interior problems, the roof repair experts at Coastal Roofing and Restoration can make those repairs while they install the new roof. Call the one team that can handle your entire problem.