Your roof protects your home from all kinds of weather and extreme temperatures. A roof does not last forever, and occasionally needs repairs or to be completely replaced. There are many different materials you can choose from when replacing your roof. Here are some of the most popular ones and why they might be beneficial for you. roof repair savannah


Shingles are usually made from asphalt, fiberglass, or composite. About ninety percent of houses in the United States use shingles on their roofs. People often choose to use shingles on their roofs because they are more affordable, and work well in most climates. However, shingles often get damaged by wind and weather and must be replaced more often. It is important to repair damaged shingles immediately to help protect your home.


Metal roofs have been around for a long time, but they have risen in popularity in recent years. Metal roofs are very durable and do not require repairs as frequently as other kinds of roofs. If you do not like the look of metal roofs, they can be designed to look like something else, such as asphalt or wood. Metal roofs do require soundproofing to keep the inside of your noise quiet, especially during wind or rain. They also require a professional to install them because if they are not installed correctly, they can warp, so they are typically a little more expensive than other kinds of roofs.

Clay Tiles

Many people like clay tiles for their roofs because of the different styles they can choose from. Clay tiles have been around for thousands of years and are used in many different cultural architecture. They are especially popular in warm climates because they handle the heat well and offer good protection from wind. Clay tiles tend to be more expensive to repair and replace but are also very durable. They also help control the temperature inside the house so you can save money on heating and air conditioning. 


One of the most durable roofing materials is slate. Slate roofs can be counted on to last a long time, which is why many people decide to use them to protect their homes. It can withstand extreme temperatures and wind, as well as harder objects like hail or branches. Slate tends to be on the more expensive side, but it does last longer.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have risen in popularity because people can use them to produce energy in their homes. While solar panels are an expensive investment, they also increase the resale value of your home. They do require a professional to install them, and they likely need extra support for their weight, but they can be a great addition to your home if you want to use natural energy in your home.

Roof Repair- Savannah, GA

If the roof on your Savannah home needs repairs or replacement, call Coastal Roofing and Restoration. They will be able to help you with your roof repairs and can use a variety of materials to meet your needs.