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Your roof takes a lot of beating as it deals with all types of weather. Whether it is heavy rain, hailstorms, strong winds, or intense heat, your roof works hard to protect your home. However, roofs do not last forever. When you notice your roof has been damaged, you may have some questions about what to do next. Here are common questions homeowners have about roofs and repairs.roofing company hilton head island

How Long Should My Roof Last?

A variety of factors affect your roof’s lifespan. The materials it is made from and the thickness of the shingles play a part in how long you can expect your roof to last. If your roof is not installed properly, it can also lower the lifespan of your roof.

Asphalt shingles are a common roofing material, and typically last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. Copper, slate, and tile are stronger roofing materials and can last more than 50 years before needing to be replaced. Metal roofs have been increasing in popularity and often last between 40 to 70 years. Extreme weather conditions can shorten the life of any material.

Do I Need To Replace My Whole Roof If It Is Leaking?

Your roof may have some damaged or missing shingles that have created a leak in your roof. If you notice a few leaks in your roof, you may only need to repair the damaged spots, especially if the roof is relatively new. If there is a significant amount of leaking, it may be more cost-effective to replace whole sections of the roof or the entire roof.

How Can I Tell If My Roof Needs Repairs?

There are many things you can notice when you visually inspect your roof to tell you if it has serious damage and needs repairs. If you see any damaged, loose, or missing shingles, you should replace them right away. If your roof is sagging or has any discolored spots or stains, you may have water damage, algae, moss, or mold affecting the structural integrity of your roof, whether it is in one location or all over your roof. You may also notice spots in the ceiling of the top floor of your house, indicating that water has gotten through and is damaging the interior of your home. Any obvious sign that your roof has had damage should be taken seriously and repaired as soon as possible to make sure the inside of your home stays safe.

If I Replace My Roof, What Material Is Best?

There are several factors to consider when choosing what kind of material you want your roof to be made from. Some materials such as metal or tile may be more expensive, but they also last longer than others. You should consider the cost of the materials and how much you can spend on your roof. Take the climate in your area into consideration when deciding what will best fit your home’s needs. You can receive a consultation from a professional roofing company to help advise you on what works best for you.

If you need roof repairs in your Hilton Head Island home, call Coastal Roofing & Restoration to help you. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and help you figure out what your home needs to keep it safe.